the road

My route took me through Holland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey to Istanbul, a distance of something like 2,500 miles. I walked through winter, spring and summer, rain, snow, storms and sun, through fields and forests, cities, suburbs, mountains and industrial estates, down rivers, roads, motorways and sheep-tracks. The journey was about 2,500 miles. It took 221 days. I picked up fragments of seven languages, and met more people than I can remember. I walked through three books: two real, one imagined. I wore one pair of boots.



Here are some maps showing the (approximate) route:

See here for a fairly exhaustive list of all the cities, towns and villages I walked through…

8 Responses to “About the route”

  1. […] visit Nick’s website which has details of the route. And now over to Nick […]

  2. If you decide to go through the Czech Republic after all, please let me know!

  3. nickhuntscrutiny said

    I may well do! Paddy went on a diversion to Prague after someone bought him a train ticket in Bratislava. If I do, I’ll certainly be in touch. Many thanks.

  4. I wish you all the best brother. I am sure you will do it and God will be with you in everything!!

  5. Veni said

    Hi Nick, we exchanged a few words last year on Lonely planet forum, it was about going trough Bulgaria. I offered you to stay with us in our little guesthouse if you come trough or near the Rila mountains. I just looked at your rout map now and it seems to me you will be wondering near Pazardjik, just wanted to say that you are still welcome to come to Belovo and if you do can I ask you to come and speak to my little classes? I teach English to kids ad it would be fascinating for them to have a visitor like you!:))

  6. Attila said

    I’ve just read an interview with you, and I really hoped your route crossed Szeged. I see now you chose another way. It’s a pity, I would have gladly hosted you in Szeged, you really seem like a very interesting guy. Reading about you, doing this huge trip is very inspiring.
    Have a good journey!

  7. Dear Nick!
    I read about you on the internet and I saw how great things vállalkozól! I would like to offer you, if Békéscsaba visit, welcome to the hotel! I hope you agree to our hotel and you feel yourself at home, and here in Hungary! I hope we can meet with you!
    I wish you good luck and perseverance on your way!
    Sincerely, Bonnie Bora Imréné
    Address where megpihenhetsz: 5600th Békéscsaba, Gyulai út 84 Panorama Hotel

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