Last post: new website

January 21, 2014

We’ve reached that fork in the road: with publication of my book round the corner, I’m finally leaving this blog behind, and forging onward to my new home at — beautifully re-designed by my good friend Joseph Hughes.  The new site contains (almost) everything on this blog, as well as my other articles, stories and experiments in sound. See you there!

between the woods and the water revised 2[2]

2 Responses to “Last post: new website”

  1. The cover is stunning!!! Xo Ron and Alisa


  2. Mark Jones said

    I wasn’t aware of your endeavours until today, the day after your final blog post. I was minded to attempt something similar myself and came across this in a google search. I applaud you and look forward to reading the book. Very well done. You couldn’t have picked a better writer to follow. Only Thubron comes close these days. Regards, Mark

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