Loose Words, Loose Noises

January 21, 2013


Hello folks. To announce: I’m nearing the end of the first draft of my book about these travels. But in the meantime, I have another book to flog! Loose Words is a limited edition paperback — lovingly homemade and hand-bound — containing quotations from some of the weird and wonderful people I met on the road. I can make and send you a copy for the price of £8.00.

For an additional few quid, I’ll include a CD of ‘Loose Noises’ — the soundscapes of church bells, street musicians, political rallies, snarling dogs and drunken Bulgarian mountain songs I recorded on my journey. It’s seven and a half months of walking compressed into forty minutes of sound.

See below for details…




Limited edition copy of Loose Words: £8.00

Loose Words plus ‘Loose Noises’ CD: £11.00

(inclusive of postage)

Email me at scrutiny@gmail.com to place an order. Thanks, all. x

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