Beginning the journey all over again

July 30, 2012


The process of catching up goes on. My feet are healed, my clothes are laundered, and I’m starting to resemble a half-way respectable citizen once more. Soon the real hard work will begin, the gathering of notes and thoughts and starting work on the actual book – which, I realise, basically means beginning the journey all over again, retracing my own steps in my mind as I retraced Patrick Leigh Fermor’s — but for now I’m just delighted to be in this marvellous city.

Last week I was interviewed by the Turkish TV news channel NTV – here’s the clip — and also had a really fun day having the above arrival photos taken by the amazing Esra Rotthoff ( 

2 Responses to “Beginning the journey all over again”

  1. florence said

    The Turkish TV clip is great, maybe even more so not understanding a word of Turkish.

  2. Chris said

    These Photos are brilliant! Well Done my intrepid friend! Can not wait for the book! x

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