The Golden Horn

July 17, 2012

I arrived at Istanbul’s outer fringes at about eleven o’clock this morning, negotiating gnashing dogs, sweating and hobbling. The soles of my boots, which walked me this whole way, are almost completely worn through, and my feet are now being brought into intimate contact with the road. 

Finding the water, walking the bridges over the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus, made my arrival feel slightly more real. But still not entirely. The city feels like the centre of everything. The mosques are like vast and extraordinary scarabs crawling on the horizon. I’ll write more on this arrival later – I’m still waiting for my mind to catch up with my body. For now, I just want to thank everyone who has helped me on my way, from Patrick Leigh Fermor, who wrote the map, to the last old man who brought me a glass of tea in a Turkish village.

More soon.

24 Responses to “The Golden Horn”

  1. Congratulations, what an achievement.

  2. urbanpenguin said

    Congratulations Nick!

    I’ve enjoyed reading all your reports and am in awe of your ambition, achievement, awareness and ability to pick out such fine details.

  3. Veny said

    You did it! wow, how fantastic!:))congratulations!

  4. Nick said

    Congratulations on reaching Istanbul Nick. I’ve greatly enjoyed following your journey across Europe and the wonderful descriptions of the people and places you encountered.

    I am really looking forward to the book…

    But in the meantime, put your feet up – you deserve a rest!

  5. […] to here to read his immediate thoughts and follow him in the coming days as he tries to come to terms with […]

  6. proverbs6to10 said

    Well done Nick. What a great achievement and such good (and improved) writing on the way. We can’t wait for the book, but now you have the huge decision to make: how to come home. Very well done. Well done indeed 🙂

  7. Mike Minor said

    Congratulations. I hope you can find an appropriate way to return–at your leisure.

  8. Congratulation! It gas been a great read.

  9. florence said


  10. Nan said

    Outstanding…I have enjoyed your dispatches and look forward to the book-length version of your travels.

  11. Maaike said

    Well done Nick, we’re very proud that you made it. All you comments are a book on it self. Concrats from us. Maaike and Jerry

  12. Olivia said

    Congratulations! Great beard!

  13. steve chadwick said

    Don’t stop…keep on going Nick

  14. Alihan said

    I was very happy arrived in Istanbul

  15. Candice said

    You legend 🙂

  16. HOOOOORRAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! XXXXX rest well my good friend xx

  17. Andrew & Angela Buchanan said

    Congratulations, Nick! You’ve done it! What an amazing achievement. We’ve loved your reports, and postcards, and will miss them all. Now rest and bathe those feet.

  18. Martin said

    Congratulations! I’ve loved following your walk, looking forward to the book

  19. Jude said

    Congratulations also on an epic adventure and achievement! I can’t wait to read the book.

  20. paul said

    Congratulations Nick! What an amazing achievement. I too can’t wait for the book. Put your feet up for a while…

  21. Well done – cannot imagine what it feels like to finally be there. Have loved all your blogs and cannot wait for the book. Rest those poor feet….we look forward to seeing you soon.
    lots of love John and Helen Ilsley

  22. florence said

    Just came across a character in a novel who wanted to go on a narrowboat trip in Northern England following the irinerary of Rolt’s book Narrowboat 50 years later!
    (It’s in Jonathan Coe’s latest novel.)

  23. orgil said

    hey my friend how are you ı am a mongolıan boy . dıd you remember me . DDDDDD

  24. James Dawson said

    Very, very well done. Following you over the last few months has been inspiring. Enjoy the kebabs.

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