Most dangerous to walk due to movement awkward

May 12, 2012

In the Bánffy castle at Bonţida, near Cluj-Napoca, I was interviewed by the Romanian daily Adevarul. Also in the photos you’ll see David Baxter from the Transylvania Trust, which is doing an extraordinary job of restoring the castle to how it was before the Nazis burnt it down.

Read the interview here.

(Some things have changed a bit in translation — I more or less said most of these things, apart from the bit about being hospitalised and finding inner peace. Hospitalisation and enlightenment have not occurred on my journey so far, though I’m not ruling either out. Also, the guy didn’t hit me with the stone. But it was a pretty good shot.) 

4 Responses to “Most dangerous to walk due to movement awkward”

  1. Mark said

    Is there a translation available anywhere?

  2. caroline hunt said

    Nice photos but can’t understand Rumanian!


  3. zed said

    Hello Nick,
    I noticed on Tom Sawford’s blog a reference to your having visited Istvan’s kastely but I can’t find anything about it on your own blog – I’m wondering if you did go there and, if so, where it is and whether you know anything more about Istvan’s later fate (I think Istvan was really called Elemer von Klobusicka?) or whether Tom was getting confused with your visit to the Teleki palace.

  4. nickhuntscrutiny said

    I just translated it with Google Translate, which produces wonderful half-nonsense. Better still, make friends with a Romanian who can translate it for you.

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