Surprisingly easy to Hungarian padded hands

March 16, 2012

Ether Books, who are publishing some of my ramblings, have made me their current featured writer. There’s an interview with me this week on their blog.

I was also recently interviewed by a journalist called Gábor Kiss for the Hungarian news and culture website Hir24. If you don’t know Magyar you can get it Google-translated, producing wonderful sentences like ‘Often I get lost, ask directions, and, surprisingly easy to Hungarian padded hands and feet can make myself understood.’ The contents of my rucksack are rendered as ‘Clothes, candles, knives, maps, sleeping bags and a laptop,’ which I think makes me sound pretty damned dangerous.

Finally, a couple of local press cuttings: from the Günzburger Zeitung in Burgau, Germany here, (a slightly puzzling photo I know — the couple beside my bed were my hosts Brigitte and Wolfram), and this one and the one below from Riedau, Austria, arranged by the wonderful David Witzeneder, also pictured.




3 Responses to “Surprisingly easy to Hungarian padded hands”

  1. found a Thomas Mann quote that seems apposite for you these days and nights..

    the storyteller’s star, is it not the moon? Lord of the road, the wanderer, the one who moves in his stations one after another, freeing himself from each. For the storyteller makes many a station, roving and relating but pauses only tent-wise awaiting further directions and soon feels his heart beating partly with desire, partly too from fear and anguish of the flesh but in any case as a sign that he must take the road towards fresh adventures which are to be painstakingly lived through down to the remotest details according to the restless spirits will..


  2. […] impact with the local press in Austria and Hungary. In a recent piece on his blog entitled “Surprisingly easy to Hungarian padded hands” you can find links to some interesting articles and an explanation of that title. Share […]

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