The off

December 9, 2011

I’m catching the 11.15pm ferry tonight, and will be arriving at the Hook of Holland early tomorrow morning. The weather forecast for the ferry crossing is ‘rough to very rough,’ so my journey may well begin on a nauseating note.

Expect dispatches on Ether Books, The Times online, the Dark Mountain blog, on postcards for those of you who supported me through We Did This… and, of course, on this very blog. Enough said. Boots laced. Ready to go.

4 Responses to “The off”

  1. Bon vent…je me réjouis de vous suivre.

  2. Roger de Brantes said

    Yo ho ho, this calls for a bottle of rhum!
    Good Luck, I heard you did your propter viam last night, so you should be all right!

  3. florence said

    Yes, but it seems your first day on the Continent should be sunny… Good luck!

  4. Philippa said

    Good luck Nick!

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