Travelogues for The Times

November 30, 2011


One final announcement before I go…

As well as writing these short travelogues for Ether (see below) — and scribbling notes for a book for Arcadia (see below below) — it’s just been confirmed that I’ll also be writing semi-regular travel articles for The Times. They will be short ones from the road, around 500 words or so, and I’ll be sending them in once or twice a month, depending on how things go.

You’ll be able to find them on The Times website (they may appear in print at some stage, but only online for now). Unfortunately all online content is jealously guarded behind Murdoch’s great firewall, so you have to pay a subscription to view it (£2 a week, currently). I really wish it were free, but it ain’t.

I promise I’ll stop announcing things now, and get my bloody walking boots on. Just over one week to go…


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