Romantic masochism invested in and infected by a new age

October 9, 2011

Last week I met Paddy’s great-nephew, James Kenward, at the house of a mutual friend. He told some very wonderful stories about staying in Paddy’s house in Greece, and talked a lot about the essential courtesy and gentlemanliness of the man. I wanted to share some of James’ thoughts on my upcoming journey (taken from an email to Artemis Cooper, Paddy’s friend and biographer — which is why I am referred to in the third person):

Personally I always find it difficult to understand why someone would seek to follow the line of someone else’s arrow … but the mission statement that emerged through our conversation seemed full of fresh intent and knocked the aforementioned out of me. Perhaps the very course of a great journey holds its own through time’s passing like the essence of structure provides timelessness to a heroic tale. The breadth of Europe will not cease to be a story and having such an incredible point of reference in Paddy’s writing adds another dimension.  I think that Nick will dig deeply and write well of his journey and my hope and suspicion is that the seed of his inspiration — his regard for Paddy and his adventuring ways — will yield entirely new crop that Paddy would admire. Frankly his romantic masochism invested in and infected by a new age interests me — previously there was snow, and there will still be that — but imagine the frigging motorways.

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