The magic underneath the surface

August 8, 2011

I’ve now reached (surpassed!) my We Did This funding target, and am up to an amazing £1,660.Thank you so much, everyone who’s supported me, and I look forward to thanking you more eloquently in the form of postcards, books and CDs, which will be lovingly prepared and sent from the long walk across Europe.

Over the past three weeks, support has come from all over the world. It does seem as if this project has struck a chord with a lot of people, and I’ve had requests to document many aspects of Europe’s changes. I’d just like to quote one person (someone I’ve never met) who funded me:

It wasn’t Patrick Leigh Fermor’s writing as such that sparked my interest in your project, but more my connection to Europe, having spent a lot of time travelling throughout Europe the last few years.  I am an artist myself, and was wandering around the internet looking at funding sources, then came across your project.  I loved the idea of uncovering ‘wild’ Europe.  I had always sensed that in the land, as I’d been travelling, and was thrilled at the idea of someone investigating and documenting that — the magic underneath the surface.

I will be doing my best to scratch at the surface to find the magic. Thank you so much, once more, everyone who’s helping me do this.

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