Describing difference

June 21, 2011

From a recent Guardian editorial:

‘Leigh Fermor was lucky, in that he walked through an archaic and aristocratic eastern Europe soon to be obliterated by the second world war. His two greatest books, A Time of Gifts and Between the Woods and the Water, take readers into a time and place that can never exist again…

Few of today’s writers have this advantage. They must describe a world in which it is easier to communicate, and travel, than ever before. No teenager setting off from Tower Bridge now would find themselves amid ballgowns, hunting parties and lonely mountaintop shepherds. Facebook and text messaging have brought Bucharest and Birmingham closer. Describing difference has been made harder.’

I think this is true, to a large extent. But this is partly why the journey excites me. I’m starting from the premise that Europe, and the world, is still an exciting and unfamiliar place, that it hasn’t been Facebooked and easyJetted into monotonous dullness. Fascination and adventure still exist — perhaps just in different forms.

One Response to “Describing difference”

  1. plenty of people live outside Facebook…it’s just that the people inside Facebook don’t see them.
    You are probably meeting them right now.

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